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Research projects in progress

  • Dielectrophoretic filters for particle separation and their exemplary application for the removal of microplastics from wastewater produced in the cleaning industry

    IGF 22990 N
  • Triboluminescent textile monitors for quantification of washing mechanics

    IGF 22930 N
  • Apta-Starter initiated cascade amplification for real-time detection of pathogens on work clothes

    IGF 22802 N
  • Thermosolubilizable hydrophobic systems based on renewable raw materials

    IGF 22794 N
  • Rapid test for determining the microbiological purity (bioburden) of hygienically demanding textiles using the example of surgical textiles

    IGF 22788 N
  • qLAMP of specific sequences of phage genomes isolated from bacterial ghost cells for testing the virucidal and limited virucidal effect of washing procedures

    IGF 22787 N
  • Bioinspired polyurethane coatings and their application on resilient floor coverings

    IGF 22785 N
  • Hydrochromic surfactant systems for the control of surface wetting in cleaning and disinfection processes

    IGF 22784 BG
  • Monitoring microbiological water quality using enzyme-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

    IGF 22635 N
  • Control of hydrophobization processes by superposition of photoinduced acoustic waves

    IGF 22634 N
  • Optically activatable and renewable antibacterial/viral textile finishing

    IGF 22633 N
  • AIE-active photosensitizers for monitoring and minimising microbial contamination in the dampening solution circuit

    IGF 22547 N
  • Dual-responsive catalyst systems for efficient low-temperature disinfection

    IGF 22451 N
  • Data transmission using frequency-modulated sound waves for temperature measurement and control

    IGF 22272 N
  • Soil release coating for textile floor coverings based on dirigated functional nanocellulose

    IGF 22255 N
  • AI-based audio analysis for moisture-controlled drying in the tumbler

    IGF 22182 N
  • Rapid test for viral barrier effect of surgical textiles by tandem DNAzyme hyperamplification

    IGF 21961 N
  • Acousto-mechanical cleaning of textile floor coverings based on metallic helix yarns

    IGF 21957 N
  • Biodegradation of specially designed polyacrylates adapted to the enzymology of environmental organisms and their exemplary application in care dispersions for resilient floor coverings

    IGF 21946 N
  • Catch-sweep fluorescence indicator for continuous monitoring of the microbial status of wipe dispensing systems

    IGF 21939 N
  • Aptazyme-initiated generation of network-forming magneto-dendrons on cell surfaces for detection of microbial contamination by magnetically induced thermography

    IGF 21938 N
  • Twin-DNAzyme cascade reaction for testing wet penetration of surgical textiles

    IGF 21937 N
  • At site quantification of fibrin residues on medical instruments

    IGF 21936 N
  • Magnetosensitive care filming for resilient floor coverings for automated, process-integrated determination of filming quality

    IGF 21876 N
  • Process-induced release of peptide mimetics to ensure sustainable hygiene of elastic floorings

    IGF 21831 N
  • Bioimpedimetric monitoring of disinfection processes using polarizable membrane models

    IGF 21829 N
  • Immobilizable Scorpion primers for the detection of viral pathogens

    IGF 21453 N