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Research projects in progress

  • Care coatings from liquid membrane separated complementary phase dispersions

    IGF 20504 N
  • Disinfection and deodorization of textile floor coverings with plasma-activated water vapour during daily maintenance cleaning

    IGF 20437 N
  • Heat-stable hot-melt adhesive based on initiator-functionalised heat absorber capsules for increasing the reprocessing resistance of textile laminates in drying processes

    IGF 20393 BG
  • MRSA detection based on up-conversion glassfibres

    IGF 20304 N
  • Determination of the concentration of active surfactants by electrochemical monitoring of the adsorption kinetics

    IGF 20243 N
  • Textile-friendly rinsing phase disinfection for CI clothing on the basis of hydrodynamic hybrid cavitation

    IGF 20242 N
  • Magneto spumaric particles for residue-free cleaning of textile floor coverings

    IGF 20214 N
  • Plasma-activated water for disinfectant treatment of hygienically demanding textiles

    IGF 20154 N
  • Self-regenerating, fluorine-free, hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing of textile materials based on self-opening micelles

    IGF 20153 N
  • Monitoring of microbiological water quality by detection of microbial indicator enzymes using a bioelectric flow cell

    IGF 19998 N
  • Impedimetric performance sensors for new adjustment or optimization of washing processes in textile service companies

    IGF 19950 BG
  • Shock wave based cleaning method for wet barefoot areas

    IGF 19949 N
  • Test system for the evaluation of wettability and surface cleanliness

    IGF 19864 N
  • Enzyme Janus particle indicator for controlling the hygiene status of surfaces

    IGF 19852 N
  • In situ recording of deformation, friction and flow forces in the washing process using piezoelectric textile monitors for quantitative evaluation of the washing mechanics

    IGF 19850 BG
  • Real-time hygiene monitors based on stimulus-sensitive liposomes

    IGF 19849 N
  • Membrane model-based indicators for parameter-based process control of disinfecting washing processes

    IGF 19848 N
  • Stimuli-connective surfactant systems for residue-free local soil removal from textile materials

    IGF 19847 N
  • Magnetoresponsive pyrocatalysts for process water treatment in
    textile service companies

    IGF 19703 N
  • Catalytic Aptazym reporter systems for fungal spore detection

    IGF 19702 N
  • Bio-electric textile monitor for in-house process control for disinfectant washing processes

    IGF 19490 BG
  • Time depending temperature registration and controlling during textile reprocessing

    IGF 19489 N