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Research projects in progress

  • Acousto-mechanical cleaning of textile floor coverings based on metallic helix yarns

    IGF 21957 N
  • Magnetosensitive care filming for resilient floor coverings for automated, process-integrated determination of filming quality

    IGF 21876 N
  • Process-induced release of peptide mimetics to ensure sustainable hygiene of elastic floorings

    IGF 21831 N
  • Bioimpedimetric monitoring of disinfection processes using polarizable membrane models

    IGF 21829 N
  • Evaluation of disinfection performance in catalytic UVA treatment of weakly microbially contaminated waters

    IGF 281 EN
  • On-demand inactivation of microbial contamination in the dampening solution circuit of offset printing presses with 3D-printed, biodegradable hydrogels

    IGF 21626 N
  • Stimulus-amphiphilic surfactant systems for cleaning textile floor coverings

    IGF 21537 N
  • Immobilizable Scorpion primers for the detection of viral pathogens

    IGF 21453 N
  • Photoacoustic control of the finishing quality of protective clothing with flame-retardant properties

    IGF 21380 N
  • Hygienic finishing of sensitive textiles with strong field ionization

    IGF 21370 N
  • Artificial intelligence for determining the slip resistance class of installed resilient floor coverings

    IGF 21357 N
  • Dynamically cross-linked maintenance filming for resilient floor coverings

    IGF 21338 N
  • Quasi liquid coating systems based on trifunctional polymers for the generation of oil and water repellent surfaces

    IGF 21239 N
  • Degradable soil release systems based on ambiaffine polymers for resource saving textile processing

    IGF 21188 N
  • DNA aggregation displays for testing dry penetration on surgical textiles

    IGF 21187 N
  • Convergence amplification and fluoroswitch detection for the determination of hygiene-relevant ESKAPE pathogens

    IGF 21186 N
  • Inverse streamer corona discharge for dry disinfection of textile floor coverings with electrode pile

    IGF 21108 N
  • Fluorescence quantification of bacterial endospores using aptazyme pairs and molecular beacons

    IGF 21043 N
  • Complementary image analysis for the design-independent smoothness evaluation of garments

    IGF 21041 N
  • Self regenerating magnetoresponsive gradient adsorbers for resource saving convection drying in textile processing

    IGF 21024 N
  • Duplex amplification method for in situ rapid detection of hygiene-relevant germs on flexible endoscopes

    IGF 20900 N
  • Temperature connective polyurethane coating for elastic floorings

    IGF 20899 BG
  • Electronic performance indicator for commercial dishwashers

    IGF 20833 N
  • Piezoelectric MRSA detection under coupling of photoinduced acoustic waves

    IGF 20831 N
  • Plasma-active care coating based on intumescent cross-linking agents for the plasma-based dry decoating of elastic floorings

    IGF 20829 N
  • Self-regenerating photocatalytic optical fibres for efficient process water treatment in textile service companies

    IGF 20799 N
  • Vectorial microwave reflection method for contactless online detection of the textile residual moisture distribution as a basis for the optimization of treatment and cleaning processes

    IGF 20760 N
  • Nanoparticulate multilayer systems from renewable raw materials as environmentally friendly flame retardants

    IGF 20758 BG
  • pH-sociated care coating for elastic floorings

    IGF 20734 N
  • Magnetostrictive snap sensitizing sensor to control the microbiological water quality

    IGF 20697 N
  • Amplification spectroscopic method based on aggregachromic dyes for testing the virucidal effect of washing processes

    IGF 20696 N
  • Bio-inspired absorber systems for gentle drying in textile reprocessing

    IGF 20695 N
  • Quantum Dot based electrochemiluminescence for multiplexed quick detection of hygiene-relevant germs and total bacterial count

    IGF 20681 N
  • Textile redox sensors for online monitoring and control of the concentration of reactive oxygen species in chemo-thermal disinfection processes

    IGF 20394 N